Reinert Abflammtechnik

mobile – with traction drive

Mounted flame weeding device


X 1000 H

The compact and robust device as alternative to the three point tractor attachment.

Hydraulically adjustable on both sides over a range of 40 cm for off-center use. The efficient technique for rear attachment. Targeted surface treatments possible in different working widths.

X 1000 F

Reliable and strong flame weeding devices for the front attachment.

The burner unit of the tractor is mounted to the front and is laterally adjustable over a range of 40 cm.

The gas supply is separately mounted to the three-point rear attachment and consists of individual gas bottles (X 1000 F) or a gas tank (X 2000 F). Proper, efficient and absolutely environmentally sound.

X 2000 AS

The extraordinary flame weeding device, which can be mounted to all cantilever arms.

Specially designed for demanding and hard to reach application areas.  Innovative and environmentally sound technology.