Reinert Abflammtechnik

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Our company was founded in 1783 and is now in the 7th generation of family ownership. Over time, we have developed from the original village blacksmith into today’s metal construction and mechanical engineering company.

As a modern family business, we can rely on over 240 years of experience and expertise.

Reinert Metallbau GmbH stands for the highest quality out of conviction and passion. High-level craftsmanship is a given for us as a specialist guild company. Apprenticeship training is an integral part of our company and our philosophy.

Constant investments in modern machine technology and the development of new ideas have made us a versatile and effective company.

We have consistently specialized in the processing of steel and stainless steel and have aligned our production accordingly. This gives us the opportunity to respond to customer inquiries spontaneously and, above all, cost-effectively.

We develop flexible, economical, valuable and future-oriented solutions to complex problems. Our team of qualified and highly motivated employees work hard every day to ensure we can always deliver the best end product to our customers.

Reliability is our strength. We stand by our word and our quality, which we have passed on to our customers for decades.

Play it safe with us.


Inez & Martin Reinert



1783 Start of a village blacksmith shop on the Property at Marktplatz 3 in Weidenbach.
1957 Construction of a new workshop on the Property at Marktplatz 4.

Metal construction, metalworking, sales and Repair of agricultural machinery.

1973 Development and construction of the first Flaming device for thermal Weed control for agriculture business. After successful Test runs start production.
1975 Construction of a new company building on the property at Marktplatz 9.
1978 Development and production of Flaming devices for thermal Weed control for private, commercial + municipal use.
1992 Takeover of the company by Martin Reinert.
2004 Joined the company in by Inez Reinert.
2008 Takeover and further development of the BÜFFEL meadow care device Elimination of wild boar damage in meadows and pastures.
2009 Conversion of the sole proprietorship to Reinert Metallbau GmbH.
2018 hopfenFLAMM. Market launch of the new special Flaming device for hops cultivation.
2019 Move into a new company building at Weidenpark on a total area of 5,040 m². The production area is 1,820 m².
2021 varioFLAME. Market launch of the new special Flaming device for fruit and Viticulture.
2023 240 years of Reinert Metallbau GmbH and

50 years of Reinert flame technology.


1973 The new technology is a true achievement that inspires!