Reinert Abflammtechnik

Flame Weeding

REINERT – technique of flame weeding.

Made in Germany.


As the leading manufacturer in the field of flame-weeding technology in Europe, we offer the most effective burner technology in this business. Whether in gardening and landscape management, in agriculture and horticulture, in municipal use or for the care of surfaces in the private or commercial sector. With our extensive product range, professional weed removal is practicable, economical and environmentally friendly.

With our unique and innovative burner technology, temperatures of almost 2.000 °C are reached. The efficiency is very high and the combustion is completely residue-free.

Our weed burners are ideal not only for the implementation of the herbicide ban in all ways and places. In agriculture, in horticulture and in special crops, our weed-burners also does an excellent job – as well in pre- and also in post-emergence process.

Take advantage of our many years of experience in flame-weeding technology! Since 1973 we develop and produce innovative quality products “Made in Germany” with high performance, low consumption and long life.

Technology in harmony with man and nature. That is our claim.


The more efficient method.

Our weed burners produce an absolutely uniform heat distribution over the entire working width. The generated flame temperature is approx. 1.925 °C. The plant parts are not burned, but by the abrupt and brief heating to at least 70 °C, the cell walls burst. The cell structure of the wild herbs is thereby destroyed and they die off. Due to the edge-sharp heat delimitation of our high-performance burners, a very precise and targeted work is possible.


Environmentally friendly – Through the use of the flame-weeding technique can be completely dispensed with chemical agents.

Efficient – Our unique burner technology achieves the maximum possible flame temperature of 1.925 °C with propane gas.

Comfortable – Our high-performance-burners produce an always controllable, wind-proof and stable flame with a laterally sharp edge of heat.

Clean – Through an optimal gas-air mixture, we achieve a completely residue-free combustion, with a high efficiency at low consumption and long life.

Sturdy + maintenance – Because of our reasoned and purely mechanical gas-air mixture, we can do without a failure- and repair-prone forced air supply.

Great product range – From portable weed burners to mobile weed burners up to attached mountable weed burners. Our product range includes about 150 different device variants.



Useful information.

The flame-weeding technique weeding is a practical, economical and environmentally friendly alternative to weed removal. There can be completely dispensed with chemical agents.

In flame-weeding technique parts of the weed plant are not totally burned, but only heated up to a temperature of app. 70 °C for a short period of time. In this range of temperature a large enough amount of plant cells get destroyed.

The plant cells are destroyed by using the heat of the propan gas burner which is affecting the plant surface. This rapid increase of temperature leads to an extremely fast expansion of the cell saps, which causes the bursting of the cell walls. Protein coagulates at a temperature of app. 70 °C.



The flame-weeding technique offers a wider range of possibilities in practical plant protection. Therefore, the application requires a change of thinking regarding previously used methods of weeding.

The best moment for using flame weeding in municipal and commercial land management is in early spring. The younger the weed is, the more successful the flame weeding will be.

In agriculture, in field vegetables and horticulture are due to the possibilities of preparing the seedbed you will mainly find very young wild herbs. In this case often one application of flame weeding is sufficient.

In municipal plant and landscape management predominantly grassy and rootstock-building wild herbs are the most common wild herbs. Therefore, in the first year there are four to five applications of flame weeding necessary in order to weaken the nutrient storages in the roots and to prevent further storage of nutrients. For this reason it is necessary to repeat the treatment as soon as the weeds are growing again.

It is also recommendable to perform a treatment after the growing period in autumn. According to experiences has shown that destruction of already fallen weed seeds, and damage to remaining leaf masses, leads to significantly reduced and delayed growth in the following spring.


A closer look to the technology.

All Reinert-weed burners work either from the gas phase or the liquid phase.

When gas is removed from the gas phase, the liquid gas is already vaporized in the gas cylinders and supplied to the burners in gaseous form. In this case, the gas extraction capacities and the resulting working widths of the weed burners are limited.

In the gas extraction from the liquid phase, the liquid gas is removed from the gas cylinders or from a gas tank in liquid form. Then the vaporization happens in specially developed gas burners. With this extraction form larger gas extraction capacities and working widths are possible.

Liquid gas is used because it burns completely without residue and environmentally neutral to carbon dioxide and water.

All REINERT-weed burners are equipped with maintenance free high-performance-burners. They are versatile in practice, for example in the area, strip or under leaf flaming. In row, bed and dam cultures.