Reinert Abflammtechnik

easyflame eng.

easyFLAME – Mobile flamer with hand lance

Flamer for smaller areas in private, public, municipal and commercial use.

Can be used individually and in a variety of ways, e.g. for walkways, parking lots, balconies and terraces, courtyard entrances and entrance areas, stairs, property boundaries, garden paths and much more.

The easyFLAME is particularly used in cemetery and landscape maintenance, leisure facilities, golf and sports facilities, in agriculture, in fruit and horticulture, as well as in special crops.

Easy to use.

Easy to handle.

Easy for weed control.

Simple problem solving.


easyFLAME – Useful information

The flame technology is a practical, economical and environmentally friendly alternative to weed removal. Chemical agents can be completely dispensed with.

The weeds are blanched and not burned when driven over slowly. The plant cells are killed by heat that is applied to the plant surface by propane gas burners.

The cell protein in the plants coagulates when heated to approx. 70° C and the cell walls burst. The cell structure is destroyed, cell fluid leaks out and the weeds die.

Our flame devices generate an absolutely even heat distribution across the entire working width. The sharp heat demarcation on the sides of our high-performance burners enables very precise and targeted work.


easyFLAME – Equipment

  • Operation for gas extraction from the gas phase
  • Adjustable pressure regulator with pressure gauge
  • Hose rupture protection
  • Pressure hose 5.00 m
  • Regulating handle with armrest
  • High-performance rod burner
  • Transport trolley for 11 kg propane gas bottle
  • Without propane gas bottle


easyFLAME – Gas consumption

easyFLAME 100 100 mm 1,40 kg/h 18,02 kW
easyFLAME 130 130 mm 1,60 kg/h 20,59 kW
easyFLAME 160 160 mm  1,80 kg/h 23,17 kW


The price of an 11 kg propane gas filling is around 18-23 euros.

The effective operating time of an 11 kg propane gas bottle is around 5-6 hours. For processing hundreds of meters of property edging, sidewalk edges, terraces, balconies or courtyards, and much more.


795.- euros plus VAT.

free delivery within Germany (mainland)