X 2000 AS eng.

X 2000 AS


For lager areas in municipal, commercial use and in the landscaping. For processing embankments and all inaccessible areas.

X 2000-100 AS_____100 cm working width
X 2000-120 AS_____120 cm working width
X 2000-150 AS_____150 cm working width
X 2000-180 AS_____180 cm working width
X 2000-200 AS_____200 cm working width

  • Extraction during the liquid phase
  • Gas consumption system (burner unit)
    for mounting on a boom arm of a municipal vehicle
  • Base frame in fire-galvanized version
  • Follower roll
  • Base plate for attaching a vehicle-side adapter plate
  • High-performance-burners
  • Chain screen in the rear over complete working-width
  • Electrical ignition of the burner with ionization-control
  • Gas supply equipment to be mounted in the rear
    by system-gas-tank incl. connection tube
    with safety quick coupling and connection adapter