X 1050 A eng.

X 1050 A


Suitable for larger areas of municipal and industrial use and in the landscaping.
On paved areas and water-bound surfaces, curbs, dirt tracks + places.

X 1050-60 A__________60 cm working width
X 1050-80 A__________80 cm working width
X 1050-100 A________100 cm working width
X 1050-120 A________120 cm working width
X 1050-150 A________150 cm working width

  • Extraction during the liquid phase
  • 2 carrying wheels 400x8AS
  • 1 steerable carrying wheel 260×85 with parking break
  • Pushbar
  • Accu-drivelineincl. Accupac 24 V 230 W with charger
    Infinitely adjustable from forward 0-3,5 km/h
    89 Nm torque – driving time about 3-4 hours
    Disc brake with brake lever
  • High-performance-burner
  • Thermoelectric flame failure safety device
  • Ignition of the burner using piezo
  • Heat protection cover in stainless steel
  • Switchpanel M
    (pilot flame – operation flame manually shiftable)
  • Gas supply equipment for 2 gas bottles 11 kg