A 2050 HF1 eng.

A 2050 HF1




Suitable for surface treatments in agriculture, vegetables + horticulture,
landscaping, municipal and commercial use.



A 2050-100 HF1_____100 cm working width
A 2050-120 HF1_____120 cm working width
A 2050-150 HF1_____150 cm working width
A 2050-180 HF1_____180 cm working width
A 2050-200 HF1_____200 cm working width
A 2050-220 HF1_____220 cm working width
A 2050-240 HF1_____240 cm working width

Further device versions are available on request.

  • Extraction during the liquid phase
  • 3-point-mounting in the rear cat.
  • 2 support brackets
  • 2 spindle-adjustable steel-wheels – 360/100 mm
  • Isolated heat protection cover in stainless steel
  • Side panels on left + right side toolless adjustable in the height
  • Chain screen in the rear over complete working-width
  • High-performance-burners
  • Electrical ignition of the burner with ionization-control
  • Gas supply equipment to be mounted in the front
    by system-gas-tank incl. connection tube
    with safety quick coupling and connection adapter